Imperfect Like U

“Imperfect Like You”

Canada’s own recording artist/composer, Ventresca’s last single, “Gingerbread Boy” skyrocketed to the #1 position on the holiday charts a total of four weeks in a row and with over 690,000 streams.

She continues to surround herself with award winning composers/producers and this next single, “Imperfect Like U”, doesn’t disappoint. Written by: Ventresca, Cindy Valentine, Giuseppe D. and Produced by: Cindy Valentine and Giuseppe D.

Imperfect Like U, is a ballad with a powerful message and during a time where the world has had to pause and force us to spend more time with ourselves, insecurity and self doubt is among us all. Ventresca’s vulnerable delivery captures your heart and embraces you to accept yourself for who you are. Making this next single, “Imperfect Like U”, the perfect song to release during this Valentines Day holiday on February 12th, 2021, a time where we are most looking for love, peace and acceptance.

Available October 29th, “Nice Girls” — Presave Now