Gingerbread Boy

“Gingerbread Boy”

At just 18, Canadian recording artist, Ventresca, has been making her mark on an international level with 5 singles in just under a year.

This is Ventresca’s first Holiday song titled, “Gingerbread Boy”, created and produced by Cindy Valentine (Bebe Rexha, Harper Starling) and co-produced by Steve “Mr Mig” Miglore (Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake). Written by: Ventresca, Cindy Valentine, Wes Mason and Steve Miglore.

“Gingerbread Boy” is a fun happy holiday song that brings a smile to your face and a memory of your childhood days of edible gingerbread houses and candy, and of course everyone, the idea that in a magical holiday world, everything becomes real, even the Gingerbread Boy.